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Cloud Construct is a Boston-based design and development firm that has built web applications, designs responsive and mobile-optimized websites for over 15 years. We continue to create software solutions that enable companies to do more, faster.
We've expanded to focus on technical debt reduction, and staff our experts to bust your backlog before it topples.

what we do


We've built our skilled network over time and patience. We focus on Azure, .Net, and Razor/ Blazor, Angular, React, Ionic, Sql, NoSql, Mongo, Cosmos, Snowflake, ChartJS, but we can help almost anyone

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We focus on your backlog so we don't have to take your time. Monthly priority sessions, a set allocation and we are off and running stopping only for approvals on staging and prod


The development team draws on years of experience and stays up-to-date on the latest technologies. Our expertise is in engineering features and functionality, and creating structures that will provide long-term stability and security.

how we do it

Cloud Construct solves business problems with web design, development, and software management solutions that enable our clients to scale for the future. We've built sites, platforms, and applications for over 15 years and have seen, learned, and maybe forgotten some things along the way.

Our renewed focus is the gap between the roadmap and reality. Specifically we'll take care of the updates, the pushed off maintenance and the ever increasing burden of things the team can't get to.

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You have a team that was built to keep the systems running, put out fires as they come up, with an eye towards the future state needs, but... .

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We see it over and over, the future state can never come because the fires won't stop. You can't stop fighting the fires to to get to the root causes hiding in the technical debt.

We take that part over so the team can take a minute to be strategic and do things as well as can be. We help remove the needs for workarounds and short term bridges that end up lasting far beyond their originally intended timeline. We're the infrastructure experts!


Founded and named over 15 years ago with a strong belief in the future of cloud-based tech, Cloud Construct is committed to leveraging the latest and most innovative technology.

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Combining proven, current, front-end tools with expert-level knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud architecture patterns and Microsoft server and database technology, we can create very powerful and scalable solutions.

We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest technologies, so that we can make the best recommendations for our clients.  We have deep experience in Orchard CMS, single-page applications, and website solutions. This enables us to provide the optimal user experience for our clients, all while supporting the many technology challenges that may arise.


Cloud Construct delivers business value fast, by leveraging agile development best practices and tools.

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We put our customers first. Together with our clients we prioritize, design, build, and deliver high quality releases in appropriate increments that integrate real-time feedback.  Constant communication through face-to-face meetings, video conferencing, chat, and email ensures strategic alignment and transparent progress reports throughout the project.

Cloud Construct uses Microsoft Visual Studio online and Azure DevOps to further enhance collaboration, continuous delivery, and testing, all of which accelerate release cycles and enhance customer satisfaction.  These tools enable real-time prioritization and status reporting to ensure all key stakeholders are clearly informed and have the ability to quickly adjust elements of the project requirements based on demo feedback and market changes.

who we are & our leadership

We are an extended network of engineers and designers skilled at mobile and web development, user experience design, and software engineering. We focus primarily in the Azure & .Net world to help keep you running, and can move you into it no matter where you are now.

Mike Munnelly

Chief Executive Officer
Mike Munnelly

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Founder & Chairman
Arra Derderian

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