Cloud Construct is a Boston-based web design and development firm that builds web applications, designs responsive and mobile-optimized websites, and creates software solutions that enable companies to do more, faster.

Efficient and flexible, we create better digital experiences

What We Do


We align user requirements and business objectives into user experience and visual design, and create compelling design across all digital interfaces.


Whether working on a new site or updating an existing one, our approach is to build smart the first time, with a structure that supports growth and future enhancements with ease.


The development team draws on years of experience and stays up-to-date on the latest technologies. Our expertise is in engineering site features and functionality, and in creating structures that will provide long-term stability and security.

how we do it

Cloud Construct solves business problems with web design, development, and software management solutions that enable our clients to scale for the future. We sync strategy, development and design under agile project management to create amazing digital experiences.

Clients are our partners throughout our process. Every step of the way, our focus is on listening to our clients' feedback and ideas. We temper expert advice with an eager ear, so that our solutions perfectly serve the needs of our clients' businesses.


Flexible, iterative
approach to design

Process grounds design at Cloud Construct, but our nimble team can roll with clients’ changing needs to bring best-in-class User Experience to life in the products we build.

Our Experience Design team has worked across practically every industry to deliver award-winning creative and user experiences, and strives to bring excellence to every project we touch. Customizing methodology on a project-by-project basis allows Cloud to tailor our efforts to budget and maximize the impact on users that our Experience Design effort yields for clients.

Iterative process is the basis for it all. We listen well to stakeholders, on every cycle of our deliverables, and while we'll always have a confident recommendation for user experience and visual design concerns, we also temper that strongly with the insights that can only come from the folks who are most intimately connected to their own products or service—our clients themselves.



Founded and named over 8 years ago with a strong belief in the future of cloud-based tech, Cloud Construct is committed to leveraging the latest and most innovative technology.

Combining proven, current, front-end tools with expert-level knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud architecture patterns and Microsoft server and database technology, we can create very powerful and scalable solutions.

We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest technologies, so that we can make the best recommendations for our clients. We have deep experience in Orchard CMS, single-page applications, and website solutions. This enables us to provide the optimal user experience for our clients, all while supporting the many technology challenges that may arise.



Cloud Construct delivers business value fast, by leveraging agile development best practices and tools.

We put our customers first. Together with our clients we prioritize, design, build, and deliver high quality releases in appropriate increments that integrate real-time feedback. Constant communication through face-to-face meetings, video conferencing, chat, and email ensures strategic alignment and transparent progress reports throughout the project.

Cloud Construct uses Microsoft Visual Studio online and Azure software development tooling to further enhance collaboration, continuous delivery, and testing, all of which accelerate release cycles and enhance customer satisfaction. These tools enable real-time prioritization and status reporting to ensure all key stakeholders are clearly informed and have the ability to quickly adjust elements of the project requirements based on demo feedback and market changes.

who we are

We are a team of high-tech engineers and creative designers skilled at web development, user experience design, visual design and branding, digital marketing, information architecture, and software engineering.

  • Mike Munnelly

    Mike Munnelly

    Chief Executive Officer

  • About Us

    Arra Derderian

    Founder & Chairman

  • Kate Ratner

    Kate Ratner

    Co-Founder, Creative Director

  • Greg Bertoni

    Greg Bertoni


  • Brooke Yu

    Brooke Yu

    Director of Operations

  • Scott Padgett

    Scott Padgett

    Director of Experience Design

  • Jess Sweeney

    Jessica Sweeney


  • Becky Burba

    Becky Burba

    Project Manager

  • Lily Caffrey-Levine

    Lily Caffrey-Levine

    Marketing Manager

  • Alex Ciampi

    Alex Ciampi

    Experience Developer

  • Jeff Churchill

    Jeff Churchill

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Jason Gravell

    Jason Gravell

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Mike Paterson

    Mike Paterson

    Director, Technical Architect

  • Paul Saraiva

    Paul Saraiva

    Project Manager

  • Jon Starke

    Mustansar Shafiq Bibi

    Software Engineer

  • Justin Tribuna

    Justin Tribuna

    Experience Developer

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