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Cloud Construct creates and maintains digital experiences on rock-solid foundations

Cloud provides guidance, rooted in experience, while producing great work that scales, and while focusing on what's important to you and your users. We'll bust your backlog while you're planning for the next evolution.

Long -Term

Clients stick with us and we stick with them. 88% of our clients are with us for over 5 years.


We've helped more than 20 great startups go from idea to launch and even acquisition.


Azure optimizations, migrations, and application rewrites for the Cloud ongoing asynchronously.

We help clients get
from here to there

Solutions that Solve Problems

Whether it's an app, website, roadmap or something else, we define objectives, isolate problems and design and deliver the best possible solutions for clients. We recognize that our value to you is our ability to solve problems, and given that, we build solutions that achieve your goals and drive adoption and conversion.

Backlog Focused for Progress

We've shifted to the backlog with our wide network of expertise. It's often overlooked, or not prioritized and eventually builds up a debt that sometimes is hard to pay off and limits your evolution. We want it gone and work with you to remove what will eventually and definitely hold you back.

Maintenance AND Rebuilds

We love to work on the backlog while you're putting out the fires. When the time comes to rebuild on a new platform, get off-prem, or consider a new architecture we're there for you. We handle Azure optimizations, migrations, security reviews, and application rewrites for the Cloud

We won't leave you Stranded

We don't just deliver and leave. We stick around and train, help hire, and continue to optimize so you're set up for success.  Our team is always keeping your best interests in mind, and we enthusiastically advocate for potential improvements as the nature of your business changes over time.

Our work reflects our

commitment to clients


A completely customizable mobile application designed for Scooterists - pushing the boundaries of navigation, while keeping riders safe.

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Clients stick with us,
and we stick with them

We deliver value and not fluff, because results matter for companies large and small.  Building lasting relationships with clients, providing guidance rooted in experience, producing great work—this stuff is the lifeblood of Cloud Construct’s team of creative and technical consultants.

Let's talk about your project

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think things through

CX Design & Delivery in Highly Regulated Industries: Part 1 of 2

Doug Hopkins, Director of Customer Experience (CX) Design

Doug shares his experience working on several large scale programs for brands that occupy a place in highly regulated industries. From the FDA nutritional menu guidelines for an overhaul of Burger King's website, to FINRA requirements for an ETF and stock trading application for brokerage account customers at Vanguard Investments, Doug provides guidance for teams navigating CX design and delivery projects where compliance with rules and regulations is essential.