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The Cloud Team has worked with our partners at GabrielsVault since 2016 crafting and developing a cutting-edge platform to ensure people's most important messages would be delivered. We are incredibly proud to be able to announce the launch of such an important platform.

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The Idea

The GabrielsVault leadership team shared their ambition to make an impact in people's lives for years to come, and then asked us to help them achieve their vision. We accepted the challenge to make it happen. The idea itself was to allow people to share important text, audio, and video messages with their family and friends on a scheduled date in the future, or upon their death. GabrielsVault gives people the power to "never stop being a Dad", "never stop being a friend", and "never let your voice stop being heard". The product itself allows a user to create an account and choose a plan. Each plan is crafted based on the type of media the user will share most. Top tier level plans allow the user to share important audio and video while other plans are meant more for text and image based users. Once uploading your content to your vault you can schedule it to be delivered to the people you choose at specified times in the future. If you wish to purchase a legacy plan you can select to share messages weeks or months after your passing. This allows you to pass on memories or messages to your loved ones when they need them most. Also available is the ability to share messages in the far future, which lets users pick a date like a child's graduation date or birthday so your note or video will always make it to your loved ones.

The Solution

In order to ensure delivery 100% of the time and to secure people's most sacred memories, a robust platform was required. In conjunction with a complex technical infrastructure an interface that was easy to use and intuitive is imperative to make sure all users are able to create and accurately share their messages. The Cloud team began by building out a highly interactive prototype using User Experience tooling. This allowed the GabrielsVault team to get a very clear feel about how users would interact with the product and also what pieces of functionality were most important to them.

After refining the product set and requirements the design phase began. In parallel the technical assessment and planning was also starting. Many people ask us how we approach start-up style projects and the important thing we let people know is that we need to properly refine the requirements in a user experience phase and also assess all the technical risks that may surface. Making sure that difficult integration points, key infrastructure requirements, and complex design requirements are tested early on lets our start-up clients feel confident in moving forward with building their ideas. Cloud Construct leveraged the Microsoft Azure platform to build the GabrielsVault application because of the Software as a Service (SASS) components it offers. User messages, expandable storage, media services, and scalability were critical to build this product. A slick and clean Angular.JS Single Page Application allows the user to interact with their media and messages in a fun way.

Just as important, the design for GabrielsVault needed to portray a sense of safety and hope so users feel comfortable sharing their most precious memories on the site. Portraying trust and describing successful user stories on the site gives users great examples on how they can share their memories too. The application is developed to work on tablets and phones so memories can be saved and uploaded to a custom vault anywhere they are. A design that translates well to mobile was key to making sure all users can interact with the site seamlessly.

The Results

The GabrielsVault platform launches soon and is positioned to begin scheduling messages and storing memories right away. The robustness of the platform and the passion the team has brought to building this product will make sure people's cherished memories and most sacred messages will make it to their intended recipients when they were scheduled. These messages will help carry-on that family recipe, pass on that classic story, or provide some advice when your closest family and friends need it. The Cloud team and the GabrielsVault team are excited to deliver this product to the market together and begin helping people build their legacy.



Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Azure Media Services, Windows Azure WebApps, Angular.JS, SendGrid, Orchard CMS

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