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Triton Digital

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Triton Digital

Cloud Construct has worked with Triton Digital over the past six years and through multiple redesigns. The two companies are true partners and collaborate to continually enhance Triton's online presence.

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Triton Digital needed to reduce the overhead and time required to make content updates, create news items, and add press releases to their site. They wanted to add a blog to talk about important ideas and topics in their field, which would allow them to increase their presence on the web and demonstrate thought leadership. Lastly, they needed to integrate social media to share video and updates throughout, and to allow users of the site to share information found on the site with their friends and connections.


Successful content management systems allow their owners to easily make content updates without requiring a strong understanding of web technologies. The open source Orchard CMS platform allows users to easily update their site, incorporate a blog, and create new content as well. Orchard also allows for themes to be created around content so the site can switch designs quickly in the future. Content is organized into lists, pages, and custom content types. Functionality is organized into modules. This separation allows the site to easily change appearance while still maintaining the content and underlying structure of the site. Adding news, press, and blog entries to the site now comes with all the markup required to fit them into the style of the site. Changes are published or saved in a draft state until a user is ready to deploy. Lastly, everything is stored in a SQL Compact Edition database which makes everything very easy to manage.

Blogging on the site was customized so multiple users from Triton can login and contribute while others are content administrators. Blog entres were customized to integrate with Twitter and Facebook feeds when published. Finally, users can contribute to the blog remotely by using the XMLRPC service from Windows Live Writer.


Serving video across multiple browsers and multiple devices requires a player that can handle the various client configurations. Triton's site allows for users to watch videos from mobile devices that do not support Flash but do support HTML5. We designed our players with an HTML5 priority rendering and a Flash fallback so we could cover as many configurations as possible.

Triton Digital


Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Orchard CMS

"The Cloud team provided us with a complete information architecture for our site. After we determined the important client content areas, we built the website from the ground up. Cloud's engineering team has provided us a living website that we can update as needed. We can accept contact, support, and job requests as well as provide clients a quick and easy way to get information."

- Karen Fitzgerald, Triton Digital

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