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API Development, UI and Application Logic and Testing
When Finomial first contacted Cloud, they were looking for a knowledgeable developer to help with their growing workload. One of Cloud's senior software engineers jumped in and was dedicated to Finomial for the better part of 2 years. Cloud brought our technical/engineering knowledge to the table and was able to pick up specific technologies already heavily used at Finomial.


Finomial provides compliance-driven, investor-first, client lifecycle management. This Boston start-up (with a female founder!) automates investor servicing from end to end. Finomial is transforming the buy side investment process by the manual hedge fund subscription process between investor, fund manager and administrator.

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Automating the Investment Process
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“Finomial was an excellent team to work with as a software engineer. Not only is their team very skilled and talented, but they are also excellent collaborators. They make knowledge sharing and professional development a priority every week.”
— Jeff Churchill, Senior Software Engineer, Cloud Construct


Cloud collaborated across multiple teams and business units at Finomial and contributed to a variety of different initiatives. Cloud migrated Finomial's platform from Angular 5 to 7. In doing so NgRx was upgraded to leverage new features and be up to date with the new platform. Several Angular modules were refactored to manage state in NgRx store. This provided great benefits to the client. Their application could use the same library going forward. Cloud also migrated several .NET projects to .NET Core. This new version is more lightweight and portable and was needed in order for Finomial to kick off deploys as a set of microservices with containers. In addition, Cloud researched and implemented a new WYSIWYG editor called QuillJS for custom notifications and emails. Their old editor did not work with Angular 7. QuillJS is up to date and widely used and allows them to help with customization for their clients. Cloud also used local-storage to maintain user selections between app sessions. This helped resolve the issue of losing data when navigating between different versions of the application.


Finomial was very pleased with Cloud's contribution. We worked alongside their teams to help harden their applications. Finomial's operating environment runs more smoothly and efficiently with these changes/updates and leverages a number of new features.

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