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UI/UX Design and Development, Database Design, API Development, Creative Direction, Agile Project Management
DepositLink is a safe, secure, and easy way for real estate companies and their agents to collect deposits and commissions electronically. We've partnered with the team to design, build and launch this application over the last two years and look forward to supporting the expansion and adoption of the platform. With information, dashboards, reporting, deposit and commission functionality across the company, admin, team and agent level, as well as incredibly easy flows for the co-agent and renter/ buyer, we've provided a secure platform to create efficiency in the real estate industry and reduce check and wire fraud.


DepositLink approached Cloud with an industry problem and an idea for a solution to solve it. Founded by a long time Real Estate agent, DepositLink knows that dealing with paper checks is a huge hassle for everyone involved in a real estate transaction, and wire and check fraud are constant threats in the residential real estate business. Everyone wants to eliminate fraud, so that was an easy win for the platform, and the increased efficiency for realtors as well as clear traceability of funds, including deposits, down payments and commissions was the icing on the cake.

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Agent Dashboard Shows all Deals and Their Status
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New Deals Can Be Started from Anywhere
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Application Securely Verifies Buyers/Renters
“Working with the Cloud Construct team to solve an efficiency problem in the real estate business as well as reduce the risk of fraud for consumers was a great experience for the DepositLink team. Finding the best, most secure and long term technology to create this solution, and developing a UI that translates a complex, multi-step and endlessly variable process for a new brand was incredibly rewarding. We're looking forward to continuing to partner with the Cloud Construct team in order to continue to evolve and expand the platform in the coming years.”
— Darrell West, CFO, DepositLink


Cloud Construct and DepositLink came together to execute a business plan that would allow for the instant transfer of a property deposit and down payment. Leveraging the latest in technology from Dwolla and Plaid, DepositLink users are instantly verified as qualified buyers via their platforms. Users are then able to put a deposit on a property instantly. Sellers of this property are notified, and no checks are required. Deposits can instantly be refunded if needed.

The secure transfer of service is key, but the real elegance of the platform is the support it provides the back-office staff of real estate agencies. Empowering them with a comprehensive dashboard outlining deals on properties across all offices in the country, state, or city, and allowing fast access to status, the ability to modify, and most importantly providing the knowledge of where funds are located and where they're going. The platform also supports the rental deposit process, co-broke situations and commissions management.

Once the workflow of requesting deposits begins, alerts via text and email occur to users on both sides as funds are allocated in real time. Cloud Construct leveraged the powerful platform of Twilio and SendGrid to send well designed and clear HTML emails. For most, buying a home is the single largest transaction they will make in their life and the entire process can be daunting. With such substantial sums of money involved, knowing where they are in a process is very important to them, so the user experience is a critical facet to reinforce the deserved trust. Hosting the site in the Azure cloud provides an exceptional security model and a scalable hosting configuration as well.

A simple clean design that allows for efficient workflows and clear transaction history makes the DepositLink product simple to understand and the mobile presence gives users the ability to work on the go.


DepositLink has brought on their first clients, working with both a regional and national real estate firm, and will be leaving their private beta soon. Cloud Construct continues to support the system, helping refine and execute on the 2020 Roadmap to expand the features and focus of the application. You can view the marketing site here:

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