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Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Cloud Migration and Architecture, DevOps, Experience Design Consulting
Medicus Healthcare Solutions is a strategic staffing partnership committed to relentlessly improving healthcare outcomes and providing innovative solutions to healthcare problems. After initially recognizing industry limitations, Medicus pioneered project and resource management services to offer full-service solutions to healthcare organizations. As a fellow pioneer and innovator, it made sense for Cloud to partner with Medicus when approached for our expertise in cloud-based solutions and keen eye for usability and utility. Medicus was looking for a true partner to add value, expertise and offer insight on numerous internal projects—Cloud was the perfect fit!


Partnership with an actionable plan can become a great asset and resource for any company. When resource guidance, education and expertise come together with tailored steps to accomplish goals, a client can continue with day-to-day responsibilities while still thinking strategically and planning ahead. In particular for Medicus, Cloud proposed considerations for a larger technical lift while also providing an evaluation and recommendations to match Medicus' project goals and constraints - ultimately delivering an actionable plan for improvement.

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On-Premise to the Cloud for Better Service
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“I have had the privilege of working with Cloud Construct for many years and they are a valuable and trusted partner, they have strong design, technical and engineering professionals. However, what sets them apart is their approach to partnership, they truly act as an extension of our team which makes it easy to collaborate and work through important design decisions. Cloud’s knowledge of Azure and cloud based development has been an important contribution in our digital strategy evolution.”
— Tom McClain, CIO, Medicus Healthcare Solutions


A big benefit to bringing on a partner is the opportunity to delegate work. Cloud's first task was creating architecture diagrams. While always an important exercise, it was extremely beneficial task that allowed Cloud to get an understanding of all the tools and applications used by Medicus and defined data flows. The documentation set the stage for developing a strategy to port migrate systems from on-premise locations to the cloud.


Over time, legacy systems become large and cumbersome, and keeping documentation current is not always prioritized. Coming on as a partner with Medicus, it was important for the Cloud team to understand the entire landscape of the enterprise solution, in order to then identify areas needed for short and long-term improvements. Cloud was able to review and bring back recommendations for Medicus to consider. Medicus was able to determine which items were a business priority, a user priority, or a technical priority, while also considering their long-term goals. From adding surveys to timesheets to splitting up a monolithic API into smaller, more manageable APIs, upgrading a mobile app to the latest version of iOS, and, most recently, working to migrate and re-architect an invoicing system to the cloud, the team at Cloud Construct has truly been able to become an extension of Medicus and a valued partner.


This deep resource and process integration with the Medicus team—and the detailed shared understanding of their complex applications it creates—allows our teams to collaborate quickly, and align the right skillset (UX, Creative, Front End, Back End) whenever and however needed, as fast and as flexibly as if we were full-time staff.

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