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Cloud Construct worked directly with the ben-e-factor team to ensure we delivered a solution that met the needs of a startup, but scaled as they grew.

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How do you streamline and improve the process of an industry that has operated in an antiquated way for so long? The process for a company to change employee benefits has been something that can take months and requires the removal of a huge amount of red tape. From shopping around for benefits, comparing them, and making sure your company is fully covered was a painful process and one that still didn't exist in the digital world. Requesting a quote in real-time was impossible because sending company demographics and current cost information needed to be sent to various insurance agencies in order to provide some good comparisons. Next, pushing through any changes to these companies took months in order to properly underwrite due to the collection of information being done via e-mail and by hand. How do we simplify this and provide better service for companies?


Cloud Construct began working with LSG Advisors in order to help them bring their vision of a streamlined employee benefits engine to life. LSG Advisors excels in providing savings and bulletproofing for companies looking to give the best plan options to their employees. The LSG Advisors team has a track record of success and a formula that can guarantee a better savings than any other competitor while still providing quality employee benefits for your company. Cloud Construct helped them translate this formula into an application and allow for on demand price quotes. Next, if the company wishes to obtain an even more accurate quote they can submit an electronic signature to ben-e-factor and it will request their employee information and return a 100% guaranteed quote in a fraction of the time to the consumer. ben-e-factor will calculate savings for the company by staying with their current carrier or by switching to a new carrier. All of this is done behind the scenes and in one place. This allows for ease of signatures, on-demand demographic information, and realtime quote status as well. Finally, you can still work with your favorie BGA or Broker as long as they are a member of the ben-e-factor network.

Technical Solutions

ben-e-factor was the perfect candidate for an Orchard CMS setup. Orchard allowed us to give content control to the ben-e-factor admin so they can easily change content throughout the site. Secondly, login comes out of the box with Orchard so Brokers and BGAs can access their client quote requests easily while also being able to update their profiles and accounts. Orchard is also great for adding custom modules for email, form processing, and document signing. The Cloud Construct team built out a custom module with Adobe EchoSign in order to allow for on-demand document signing and easy filing of documents inside the CMS. All company quote requests are secured with all related documents and are easy to locate throughout the benefit quote request process. ben-e-factor utilizes other technologies such as SendGrid for email, Olark for chatting with support, and Windows Azure Websites for hosting. This give us the ability to scale up as traffic demands increase.


ben-e-factor was not only a win for our client but also for all the companies out there looking to improve benefits for their employees while saving some money. The team at LSG Advisors is now able to service much more companies and help them achieve success and cut costs. Cloud Construct was essential in building this application quickly and also being a liaison to the healthcare carriers for the ben-e-factor team. The roadmap for this product is rich with features and will only improve the process for companies out there looking to make a change in benefits.



Orchard CMS, Adobe EchoSign, Windows Azure Websites, SQL Azure

"The Cloud Construct team is amazing, insightful and able to take complex insurance systems for delivering products to market and deliver innovative ways to eliminate steps, streamline our end to end process and deliver powerful tools to enrich our relationships with business owners who rely on us!"

- Jonathan Pratt, President & CEO of Life Solutions Group

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