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Safety Insurance

User Experience Design and Development, Visual Design, Engineering and Project Management
The Safety Insurance Marketing Toolkit began as a concept for helping independent agents promote their agencies, and Safety Insurance, more easily on social media. The toolkit needed to serve agents with varying levels of proficiency in navigating the social media apparatus. The idea was to provide image and video assets, and suggestions for posts, to agents at a web portal where it was easy to find content to create topical posts, inform consumers and sell services. Over time the toolkit expanded to become a destination for more general resources, and to even allow agents to do things like request ad cost reimbursements.


Initially, Cloud worked with Safety's stakeholders to understand their, and their independent agent networks, needs for a library of assets for social media posts. We built a tool with which agents could obtain visuals and messages to share under their own social media accounts in order to promote awareness of important insurance-related topics and awareness of their agency's ability to help customers.

Cloud applied tried-and-true user interface patterns for faceted search to their specific needs, within a presentation that promoted the Safety Insurance brand both to online prospects and to agents.

The Cloud team advised Safety managers in video and image asset optimization for the social media format, and trained them in use of a CMS built to back the taxonomy of categories and tags needed to promote insurance topics online.

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“Working with the Cloud Construct team enabled Safety to add value to our Independent Agents by expanding the capabilities of our existing Agent Portal. The team at Cloud Construct quickly became a trusted partner from the first conversation, understanding the needs we had for a one stop solution for the design, development, hosting and management of our Marketing Toolkit application.”
— Steve Varga, VP of MIS, Safety Insurance


Phase two of expanding the Social Media Library into a full-service toolkit was to create a digitized space for Agents where they could access templates for Co-op advertisements and digitized Co-op and Education forms for reimbursement. It was important to the client that we create a central location for corporate guidelines and branding as well. From a design perspective, Cloud's challenge was to create simple, intuitive layouts that would allow agents to browse, find, and use variety of marketing materials.


The toolkit was designed with Agents and Policyholders in mind and has the overarching goal to not only provide convenience, but—just as important—to help strengthen the relationships between Safety, their independent agents, and the customer. With a large number of independent agents, co-branding is a strategic solution for Safety, and in a competitive market, they wanted to ensure that brand values are communicated consistently and contribute to their overall brand recognition. Cloud was excited to partner with Safety to achieve their goals and continues to provide support for the toolkit post-launch.

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