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Drive Time Metrics

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Drive Time Metrics

Cloud Construct worked with Drive Time Metrics ("DTM") to provide a unique user experience and design for their audience measurement dashboard. The dashboard needed to provide an easy to use interface that allowed marketers to see listener data in markets across the country and focus in on those markets in real-time. The team delivered a style guide to hand-off to the DTM engineering team so they could execute the development seamlessly.

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DTM is a startup that delivers listenership data to clients looking to monetize that data. Collecting data from drivers all over the United States, and then aggregating that data into a consumable dashboard, is the core of what the DTM product suite provides. The main challenge of the project was determining the best way to show the data to users while also architecting security and usability around the interface. The Cloud Construct team was tasked with coming up with a security model around markets while allowing users to manage their own company reporting. We wanted to deliver a clean interface, that was built to scale, as data, functionality and reporting increased.


Cloud Construct began by delivering a prototype built in Axure that would allow the client to understand the various interactions with the dashboard as well as get the full experience of using the product. Spending time refining the requirements and the flows of the product was key in this stage. It proved to save time when designing the look and feel of the product. Once approved, we moved into visual design where our team was tasked with developing a cutting-edge look and feel while maintaining a polished, professional, product interface. We worked closely with the team from DTM to refine the colors and the custom Google Maps dashboard so the screens could stand out to users. In the end, the design brought the data to life and made the experience of sharing reports and querying marketing data interactive and fun. Once the design stages were complete, the DTM team requested we deliver a style guide to aid in the handoff of the new interface. Our team built a free-standing, interactive style guide that showed CSS for common controls and Google Map integration points. This deliverable helped the DTM team rapidly build and launch the new product for their upcoming auto show and could get them to market quickly.


The collaboration between DTM and Cloud Construct worked very well. Cloud Construct, being a virtual company, was up to the task of working with the remote teams of DTM. DTM has offices in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and California. We leveraged communication tools such as Slack, Skype and Join.Me to facilitate meetings as well as some in person meetings for key milestone reviews. We're very excited to see this new product launch into the marketplace and we hope to work with the DTM team as they grow.

Drive Time Metrics


User Experience, Visual Design, Style Guide

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