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Carney, Sandoe & Associates

Cloud Construct developed a single page application (SPA) with a new responsive user experience so schools can easily browse and favorite candidates for their open positions.

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Carney, Sandoe & Associates wanted a newly designed platform to support their online candidate recruitment process. With needs for flexibility and mobile support, the design had to support interaction on all devices in order to be fully functional and completely accessible from everywhere. In an effort to garner attention from educational recruitment prospects, the user interface and application development process would have to be well designed and intuitive for the users.

The target user was client schools looking to post positions for recruitment and then browsing candidates for those positions. They could request more candidates from Carney, Sandoe & Associates and also send messages to candidates about the position.


Cloud Construct worked closely with the Carney, Sandoe & Associates team to design an intuitive interface that would be well received by all anticipated users. The look was crisp, leveraging their specific brand colors and breaking the mold of older methodology. Modeling the Online Recruitment platform after popular sites on the market today, the design was finely tuned to provide all types of interaction possibilities across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Technical Architecture

The technology choices directly impacted the success of this project. In order to make sure Online Recruitment Management felt like a true web application we went with a Single Page Application (SPA) architecture. This gave the application a very smooth feel without full page refreshes and provided a unique experience to the client. The stack included Durandal.js, Knockout.js, Breeze.js, and jQuery. Durandal.js allowed us to handle client side routing and view model binding while Knockout.js helped us with maintaining dependencies. Lastly, Breeze.js was a great addition because it allowed us to easily manage CRUD operations between the client and the server. Because the client utilized a database that was not Entity Framework compatible, we had to write our own DB Context to communicate with the Breeze operational controllers.

Creating a SPA allowed us to load up all the information required for the application to run when the client logs in and they experience good speed and responsiveness throughout the lifetime of their session. Most of the data is cached locally and they can browse Candidates and Positions for recruitment with ease.

Technology Win!

One of the pieces of this application included using SignalR for messaging. This allowed schools to send messages to Candidates in real-time and have them appear in the users’ inbox right away. Candidates and Placement Associates could also message schools and due to SignalR keeping a live socket connection open, messages were able to be pushed right to the user interface. This gave the feeling of a truly real-time application.


The final Online Recruitment Management application was thoroughly tested and contributed to by a strong team of web development and education professionals. Cloud Construct and Carney, Sandoe & Associates worked very closely to create a product that was not only comprehensive of all aspects of the recruitment process, but designed to anticipate further growth in their market.

Carney, Sandoe & Associates


ASP.NET MVC 5, Durandal.js, Breeze.js, SignalR, WebApi, Breeze.js

"The team at Cloud Construct helped us design and build a new version of our school recruitment platform. They understood how our software has become an essential piece of our client services and worked hard to address the strategic concerns we had. In the end, Cloud Construct developed an elegant easy to use platform that balances information access with security and simple user workflows. We are very happy with our final result."

- Scott Roy, CTO, Carney, Sandoe & Associates

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