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GabrielsVault Mobile Application

Ionic, APS.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Azure, Sendgrid, Twilio, HTML/CSS
GabrielsVault, "The time machine in your pocket," allows users to send messages to loved ones and create opportunities for joy and remembrance. Users have multiple options to send communications; voice messages, video messages, and emails with pictures your loved ones will cherish. Create a message and schedule the message for delivery, and it will be shared automatically and securely on the date specified. This technology is now made even more convenient by being available via mobile app on both iOS and Android devices!


Cloud launched the GabrielsVault website in 2017 and we have continued our relationship. When approached about developing a mobile app presence for the GabrielsVault platform for both iOS and Android, it was apparent this would be a great Phase 2 step for consumers. The intent was for the application to be a full experience for users — allowing a more convenient way to find information about the product as well as signing up, executing payments, and building one's own personal "vault" within the application. Cloud aimed to replicate much of the existing site functionality into the app experience as well as take advantage of mobile capabilities to more deeply engage the user. In addition, features were added that aren't currently available on the website — like direct access to phone contacts and phone library assets, the ability to create an e-card from a template such as birthday and anniversary and the option to send a bedtime story while traveling.

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Create, View, Save and Send Messages, Seamlessly
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Capture Memories for the Future
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Impactful Technology at Your Fingertips
“We've worked with the Cloud team to develop our web application, and when we decided to pivot to be a mobile first company they were able to help us understand the implications and decisions ahead of us. They understand the power of design and the market demands of start-ups and mature entities alike. We're very happy with the results and glad to be live in the Apple and Android app stores.”
— Kevin S. Hill, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, GabrielsVault


The main focus of this project was to take advantage of mobile technology to make sharing messages and connections even easier for GabrielsVault users. At a high level, the project scope included the ability to create messages, add attachments, set delivery dates, add assets from vault storage as well as access a recipients list and add to it from within the app. A user would be able view their messages list including scheduled, upcoming and historical data as well as sending the same message to multiple recipients straight from their phone. Cloud also enabled push notifications, and support for SMS messaging.

The Experience Design team created high-fidelity compositions for the various views required to build the app, adjusting as needed and collaborating with the client to be sure all requirements were included. It was important the Cloud team apply the GabrielsVault brand vision and deliver a seamless application that reflected the already designed website. The Development team worked with the Experience Design team in order to build out the approved compositions and used the Iconic Framework to build both the iOS and Android applications with the same code base. The Engineering team worked with the Development team to initiate API changes to support the application requirements. They utilized Azure Media services to process audio and video messages as well as Azure DevOps Pipelines to create app packages. Azure Functions was used to queue messages for integration with SendGrid and Twilio. Entity Framework core was utilized for data access and ASP.NET Core for the web tier.


Cloud Construct collaborated with the GabrielsVault team to take their vision to the next level of convenience for their users by extending the brand beyond the website to both iOS and Android platforms. Allowing users to capture memories in the moment and send them as a keepsake memory for the future is truly what the brand is all about. New users can download the App and signup for free for 30 days, which encourages user engagement with virtually no barrier to entry. The complete design of the App, from initial home screen all the way through to a received message, is completely custom and unique which is something that is important for the GabrielsVault team. Download the App today!

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GabrielsVault Mobile Application

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GabrielsVault Mobile Application


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