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Database Design & Infrastructure, UI Design and Development, Front End Design Implementation, API Development and Testing
Developing a relationship with a startup was easy for Cloud, as our passion and flexibility support the fast moving needs of a new business. Retaining and strengthening the relationship with a global partner after the acquisition means the world to us. We're proud to be the partner chosen to support the further development and integration of the business critical tools Synchro and Bentley have brought to market.


You may have read our previous case study that details the work we did last year with Synchro Ltd. to evolve their construction scheduling and modeling software platform to be a true SAAS offering. The work allowed for clients to rapidly provision and manage new software projects on their own, and adding the key features of an Open API, SQL Data Export, and PowerBi integration that took the offering from a good offering to a great one.

That work was done in an augmented team setting, and constant collaboration between Synchro and Cloud positioned them to have a great new product in their portfolio. Late in 2018 Synchro Ltd. was purchased by Bentley Systems Inc, to expand their construction offerings and bolster their position in the industry. These tools were instrumental in helping Synchro move to the next level.

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One Hub for Numerous Products
“Working with the Cloud Construct team has been instrumental in building out our platform on Azure. We've imagined our entire product offering with their help and the results have been amazing so far. The whole team is professional and super responsive.”
— Greg Demchak, Director of Innovation at Synchro Ltd.


Cloud had fulfilled our mission to assist in providing a startup the much needed support and development cycles in order to achieve the next level of success in being acquired. Cloud's team was an extension of Synchro's and as the Synchro team began to be absorbed by Bentley, so were some of Cloud's key team members. Bentley understood the need for continued support for the Synchro Portal and their clients. Cloud continues to work closely via a retainer agreement to support and add key features to the existing portal. The Azure expertise provided by Cloud has allowed for rapid development and scale as the Synchro client base continues to expand.

Cloud works in an embedded role with the entire development and management team. Weekly catch-ups and planning sessions are a frequent occurrence as we look to further integrate and combine forces with the Bentley construction team.


Bentley and Cloud have combined to target some new features for the end of 2019 and to support the 2019 Synchro release. Expanding offerings with PowerBi, API Integrations via OData, and more health and recovery options for services that are critical for clients. Advancing into custom Functions and Serverless API will allow for integration options to be endless and clients to truly take their construction projects to the next level.

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