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Carney Sandoe

Engineering, API Development, Project Management, Software & Design Consulting
Carney Sandoe & Associates needed a partner with extensive development experience to integrate their recently purchased Bullhorn software with their existing user interface and background data. Having developed and designed Carney's current system and website, Cloud Construct was well positioned to provide the expertise and knowledge to successfully launch the new site and features.


As longtime partners, Carney Sandoe reached out to Cloud Construct in need of recommendations for updating their educator recruitment site and its functionality. They wanted to provide their users with a more streamlined recruiting and hiring process and update the look and feel to their Online Recruiting Management (ORM) and Candidate Connect portals. The experts at Cloud Construct created detailed roadmaps for both a custom built and "off the shelf" solution. Our experience design team embedded with CS&A's placement staff to discover pain points, understand daily activities and real-world workflows and settle on functional requirements for a bespoke, purpose-built software option for their daily productivity. We delivered multiple rounds of design deliverables over a 3-month period of in-depth design work, that demonstrated the possibilities of a custom solution, and we left the Carney team with interactive prototypes off of which to base critical decision-making. Once the decision was made to forgo a custom built solution, our team assisted with the vendor selection and implemented a robust architecture to support integration of the new software choice. Carney Sandoe brought in our team to migrate their 4D database into SQL replacement and retrofit the new tech investment.

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Migrating Data to a Secure Service Layer
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“Developing successful software goes beyond just implementing new code, digital tools, services or projects. It requires a partner that understands your business throughout as well as all the various challenges that present themselves in day to day operations. Cloud Construct has been that strategic partner for Carney Sandoe for over a decade. From white boarding new concepts, to supporting our client facing systems, to responding to critical break-fix issues, the Cloud team has provided invaluable services that enable us to achieve our objectives as a firm.”
— Scott Roy, CTO, Carney Sandoe


Database migration can often be a difficult and time-consuming effort and is dependent on the quality of the initial engineering and coding. Our expert team prepared Carney Sandoe for this very scenario when they first built the custom database and are highly experienced in the Separations of Concern principle allowing for a streamlined and efficient migration. Carney was on a tight timeline for this engagement and Cloud Construct was able to quickly provide highly skilled resources for the migration project. The quality architecture of the 4D database allowed our team to successfully implement the Bullhorn product and retrofit the exiting data into the new SQL database on schedule and before a highly anticipated busy season.


Through a trusted existing relationship Cloud Construct was able to provide Carney Sandoe tailored recommendations and a roadmap for a successful implementation. When the off the shelf option needed to be customized and the existing data needed to be migrated, Cloud Construct helped transition to the new platform without reinventing the infrastructure. This resulted in an overall reduction in project costs timely completion. The high quality of the initial database that Cloud Construct had developed also allowed for a successful and efficient adaptation to the new tech.

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