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Professional Bowlers Association

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Professional Bowlers Association

We worked with the team at the Professional Bowlers Association ("PBA") to redesign their existing site to support tablets and mobile devices while giving the site a brand new look and feel.

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The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) required a website redesign to bring a fresh, new and organized look to www.pba.com. The PBA website already had great content and live scoring capabilities. Cloud Construct needed to repurpose the main content and the news content to make it easier for fans to locate the material across the main website. The ability to offer quick access to bowler information and television schedules was paramount. This move would not only give the user a clean, seamless feel while browsing articles and headlines, but would also prove vital for SEO purposes.

The PBA aimed to add eye-popping imagery and video to their homepage to ensure the homepage was as visually appealing and interactive as possible.

The PBA also wanted to showcase and promote the live scoring capabilities and extend the use of the website to mobile and tablet users. Additionally, the previous website was hitting limitations with the growing scale of the organization and its fans. They needed a website that could accommodate their increasing fan base and keep them engaged.

Solution & Process

Throughout the redesign process, it was important for Cloud Construct to work closely with the PBA's design, development and IT teams. The existing Content Management System (CMS) was not to be swapped or updated as part of the project scope. Cloud Construct needed to make sure the new design would function fully in the CMS to ensure the PBA teams could continue updating information and adding news on a regular basis. As with all CMS's, there were some limitations. Cloud Construct was able to work around the limitations by separating the content from the design in some spots. The engineering team made sure all live scoring pieces continued to function properly throughout the phased deployment and move towards a mobile friendly user experience and design.

As a result of this project, the PBA's website is accessible from a variety of platforms and screen sizes, is up to date with contemporary web design and technology, and is prepared to accommodate added features and users each month. Cloud Construct and the PBA have formed a partnership that will offer bowling fans new capabilities, content and enhancements throughout the coming year.

  • A fresh new design with mobile and tablet optimization.
  • Integrated news.pba.com and www.pba.com into a single, unified site.
  • Updated navigational structure for ease of use and enhanced bowler profiles.

Professional Bowlers Association


User Experience, Visual Design, ASP.NET MVC, CSS3/HTML5

"Cloud Construct delivered on revamping our web site, making it responsive and with a greater usability and flair for our brand at the same time. The site now is ready for our expansive and diverse audience to navigate. The Cloud team was able to see the need to provide multiple channels of information in a cohesive way for users to digest. We enjoyed working with the team and would recommend them in the future."

- Tom Clarke, Commissioner of the PBA

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