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Software Engineering, UI Design and Development
Back in 2011, the Cloud Construct team started in an attic in Watertown with the DraftKings team. Two years later, we had helped them quickly get to their market with a new website. We also designed and created a new mobile web experience that was ground breaking for the Daily Fantasy Sports market. We helped DraftKings put their competitors behind them.


DraftKings was a small startup with a great idea. They were looking to launch a game-changing site for fantasy sports gambling in the spring of 2012. DraftKings already had a great team internally, but they needed some web development and engineering resources to help get the product out the door. They needed to make the site they were building fast, engaging, and scalable for many users and games. That's where Cloud Construct came in.

In addition to their website, DraftKings wanted to add a mobile app that would make it easy for their fans to access their fantasy teams. Competitors had good sites, but we wanted weren't satisfied with being on par with the competition.

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A Mobile Experience that Turned Heads
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“Cloud Construct helped us get to market quickly by providing strong development and engineering support. They were very responsive to our changing needs and worked hard to make sure our site always went out with quality work. Their mobile site development changed the game for us and we received great feedback from users in the marketplace. I would recommend them to others in the future.”
— Paul Liberman, President, Global Product and Technology at DraftKings Inc


DraftKings contracted Cloud Construct to support its engineering, web development and design teams. Our team joined their onsite meetings, and made time on nights and weekends to participate in the DraftKings team's fast paced agile development process. Using cutting edge client-side technologies, we ensured the user experience (UX) on the site was user-centered and robust. Microsoft MVC provided great separation of concerns so we could easily build a scalable application. Cloud Construct designed the mobile site using the jQuery mobile framework and built it into the existing site so users arriving at the DraftKings website were seamlessly directed to the site.


DraftKings made it to market on time, and reached all of its target deadlines. Having the Cloud Construct and DraftKings teams collaborate to bring the product to market proved to be a great success. The site responded with few issues and the team quickly began implementing new features easily due to the engineering decisions up front. The mobile site works across multiple devices.

This project is a great example of how Cloud Construct and a client together to build a successful website utilizing the Cloud Construct consulting model.


Below are some comments in the RotoGrinders forum on the new DraftKings mobile site. Read the Full Forum.

“Used it for the first time this morning and I have to say it's the best one so far... great job guys!”
— Steviepfl
“This is definitely the best mobile site out there right now. Well done.”
— Stewburtx8
“This very well might put DraftKings over as my favorite site. Awesome.”
— MattBell21

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