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Hebrew SeniorLife

In the summer of 2017, Hebrew SeniorLife(HSL) began looking for a partner that could help them have a significant impact on the user experience and design of their key landing pages. They needed a creative team who could push the design in a new direction, and a technical team that was able work within a custom legacy system. Most importantly, while the work would focus only on the key pages of the site, they knew the right solution would not create the feeling of multiple sites. We're proud to say that Cloud Construct was that partner for HSL. We worked with them to evaluate their experience, evolve the page design, and implement the changes to seven key landing pages on the existing HSL website. These pages included the homepage, Health Care, Senior Living and three of their Senior Living communities' homepages.

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The Goal

HSL is a unique healthcare and senior living organization and the goal of their site is to guide users to relevant information and then allow them to make contact. As the organization provides a wide variety of services and information, users can get easily overwhelmed by the amount and type of subjects and content available. The right solution strikes a balance for people researching senior living communities, or health services for themselves or loved ones, as well as job seekers looking at openings, or academic researchers interested in the studies being conducted at the Institute for Aging Research at HSL. In reviewing the site, we agreed that the existing experience didn't make things as easy as it could, and there were some navigational elements that didn't lead users to the correct content or functionality beyond the homepage. HSL also wanted a more clean and modern feel all while adhering to the established color palette, typography and navigation treatments to not confuse users navigating to the pages outside of these seven selected for redesign. These design changes would need to be developed and engineered in their legacy CMS.

The Outcome

Cloud Construct and HSL worked together through the user experience creative process to create a best-in-class user experience which presents users with key value proposition and funnels users towards communication channels for lead generation and conversion. User experience also designed these pages to have a mobile-friendly, modern, scroll driven experience that elevates the site to a more contemporary and compelling feel. Visual design accomplished the goal of a clean and modern feel by incorporating fluid hero images, and a spacious layout. HSL has a library of custom photography and visual design was able to use these images to help portray HSL as the powerful and passionate leader they are in their industry. Outdated slideshow functionality was replaced with an open-source image gallery to continue with the goal of a clean, modern and mobile-friendly experience.

Development and engineering were able to take these creative design changes and implement them in an existing CMS that has limited flexibility for adaptation. They had to leverage modern front-end command-line tooling to create a lean and smart development environment, tailored to efficiently and iteratively deploy templates, layouts and new assets. This group also worked closely with HSL's existing vendors in marketing and IT to ensure no disruption to existing analytic measurements and marketing efforts. All efforts resulted in a coordinated deployment strategy with zero down time and no fallout from the complete replacement of these key pages.

This strategic redesign is helping users find the information they're looking for and supporting the overall mission of HSL. We're very proud to have been able to work with the HSL team.

Hebrew SeniorLife


CMS as a Service, JS/HTML

"Cloud Construct is a very responsible partner that kept HSL's website and organizational goals as a guiding principle for the redesign. Cloud Construct's creative and technical expertise is of the highest quality. They offered innovative and creative solutions based on research and best practices. The result was a successful redesign that offered an enhanced user experience for our audience."

- Ernest L., Digital Operations, Hebrew SeniorLife

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