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Power of Sport

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Power of Sport

The Power of Sport is a phenomenal, Boston based charitable organization that uses Sports to inform, empower, and transform society. Partnering with this organization was a rewarding aspect of this project, which consisted of producing a unique and professional website to showcase stories, messages and ideas that illustrate how sports have impacted lives all over the world. Be sure to visit the website and #powerofsport on social media where you can read and share empowering stories!

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The Power of Sport required a website to professionally relay their message in a unique and very visual way to potential users, donors, and stakeholders. Cloud Construct collaborated with the founder as well as another business partner, Epicenter Experience, to ensure the design and development would help tell the story as well as produce a forum for users to share their personal experiences through sport. The Power of Sport also required the ability to leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to invite users to share their experiences. The website needed to be a fully functional marketing platform for the movement.


Cloud Construct built the Power of Sport website on the Orchard Content Management System (CMS). This CMS allows the Power of Sport team to easily and quickly update content without web development skills, while enabling future development of additional features. The Orchard CMS platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure, accelerating deployment and enabling scale for increased usage. The site has a very visual design that catches the eye and encourages users to contribute their stories and engage with the social media streams. Additionally, the user experience is simple, intuitive, and drives action for the organization.

As part of our annual service to the community, Cloud Construct provided our services as a zero cost solution to Power of Sport. Setting up the organization for rapid growth in the future is important to Cloud Construct. We have seen other organizations like Bird Street and Dreamfar have exceptional growth and progress after collaborating with them on their websites.

The Cloud Construct team loved working on this project with the Power of Sport organization. We are happy we were able to deliver them a website that helps showcase the Power of Sport movement.

  • The overall design is clean, professional and impactful
  • The simplicity of the site gives users a quick way to understand the message.
  • The Windows Azure platform and Microsoft technologies enabled rapid deployment and future scale.
  • Orchard CMS enables simple content editing and future functionality.

Power of Sport


Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Windows Azure Storage, Orchard CMS, Social Media.

"The Power of Sport team is so grateful to Cloud Construct for building an inspiring and unique web-site to give a platform for the power of sport message and organization. The team from Cloud Construct worked tirelessly and collaboratively to make the vision for power of sport come to life, turning a dream into reality. I know that the launch of the power of sport website will have an influence and impact thousands of people around the world to learn about and engage with the global movement for sport as a vehicle for social change."

- Eli A. Wolff, Director, Power of Sport

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