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Branding & Creative Direction, UI/UX Design, Open-source Mapping/Directions, Mobile App Development
ScootRoute allows scooterists to “Find the Safest Route to Scoot” by using a customized navigation app specifically for those involved in the Scooter Lifestyle. Enter a destination, set your ride preferences, such as top speed, hill tolerance, or road type, hit the start button, and you're off! It's that simple. ScootRoute takes the aggravation out of having to remember what roads to avoid when navigating routes and allows users to tailor their route to avoid the obstacles that only scooterists are familiar with. Of course, being a navigation app, this is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


The goal for this project was to develop an easy-to-use app for both the iOS and Android ScootRoute platforms. Overall, the objective was to develop a mobile app specifically for users who navigate the city on scooters. There are a few key components that allow the app to really achieve the underlying principals that the client was after. Users can input a destination, whether a specific address or business, set their ride preferences—top speed, hill preferences, or road type, and be provided directions in a visually appealing way in tandem with hearing directional audio queues.

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Clear Visual and Audio Instructions
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Save Your Favorite Trips and Preferences
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Custom-tailor Your Route to Your Ride
“Cloud is more than just a product vendor; they are my team. From our earliest discussions, Cloud wanted to understand my vision, my goals, and my long-term plan so they could find options going well beyond just the product design and development tasks. The progress was always about making it better, serving the audience, building the business; not just "add a feature and hope." The MVP of ScootRoute is live and our feature roadmap is growing! I'm looking forward to working with my team to determine what comes next.”
— Meghan Braley, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, ScootRoute


Our team assisted in taking the idea from initial discussions all the way through to a fully-executed mobile app, available in both the iOS AppStore and Google Play Store. The UX and Design team created prototypes and high-fidelity compositions for all features of the build. Since this brand and product were launched from scratch, these phases were important to realize the vision of the client. The development team made this possible by using the Ionic Framework to achieve a cross-platform codebase, seamless for both Android and iOS. To wrap up the execution for this initial launch, our engineering team incorporated both Google AdMob, to gather some initial revenue from the app, and Valhalla, which allowed us to integrate and customize specific weight costing options across the multiple data points needed for setting custom ride preferences.


The opportunity to collaborate with the ScootRoute team on such a unique idea has pushed us to think outside the boundaries of what already exists. Every step of the process pushed us to think about future integrations that could be part of the ScootRoute roadmap—or ScootMap—to make this a staple on every scooterists' mobile device, the way that native map apps are for auto motorists. Setting the top speed of your scooter, or choosing a course that is relatively flat, were just a couple of the key distinctions that needed to be factored into this app. Overall, the future is full of custom integrations that are possible within this app, and as the scooter community embraces a new app, made just for them, we all look forward to the path that ScootRoute will take. Download the app today!

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