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Brightsphere Investment Group

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Brightsphere Investment Group

A long term relationship that continues to evolve, we're happy to count Brightsphere as one of our longest and strongest relationships. We're currently supporting the parent company and multiple affiliates through a monthly support contract that deliver efficiency to the organization as well as flexibility to support all the unique and distinct efforts throughout the organization from creative and design services to technical development and planning.

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Continued Support

Cloud Construct and Brightsphere have a long history of collaboration, going back almost 10 years. Brightsphere as a parent company manages the IT infrastructure and public website presence for their multiple affiliates. Cloud and BSIG have collaborated in the past to do visual design and development projects throughout the course of our relationship. Most recently, BSIG has engaged Cloud Construct to help out at a monthly retainer level to work with all of their affiliates to manage and maintain their affiliate websites and client reporting infrastructure. Some of the key success factors were to reduce overall cost, outsource all IT infrastructure, provide a high level of support to affiliates, and continue to evolve the affiliate's web presence each month.

Our Team Enhanced

Working with each affiliate on a monthly basis has allowed Cloud to provide a Project Manager to run sprint planning meetings and prioritize requests for each affiliate. Cloud engages with clients in a variety of ways, one of them is a via a monthly core team retainer, and this model has proven effective to handle the main client and affiliates. BSIG currently has five affiliates that we're consistently meeting with and suggesting new ideas to, and the independent marketing team at each affiliate will discuss SEO, branding, and new content updates with our team while we will execute these projects over the course of each sprint.

Cloud has allowed BSIG to embrace an outsourced model in order to maintain a strong offering for affiliates as well as help internally with key projects as needed. Providing design and engineering skills at a recurring and ad-hoc basis is the power and value Cloud can bring to any client.

Brightsphere Investment Group


Cloud uses Azure Devops and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to deliver a robust and scalable platform to affiliates.

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