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Jason Belmonte

Cloud Construct worked closely with Jason to bring him a web presence that truly matched his innovative bowling style. Adding Twilio texting updates to the homepage via Orchard CMS workflows and an excellent new media gallery, Jason was ready to start 2015 with a great way to reach fans.


Cloud Construct's founder Arra Derderian is an avid bowler and when he learned there was a chance to work with Jason Belmonte on a new web presence for his professional career, he got excited. In conjunction with becoming an official sponsor for Jason, Cloud Construct took a fresh approach at building a brand new web presence for Jason. Jason's old site was dated, had little functionality that fans were looking for, and didn't showcase Jason's unique style. Jason and Cloud set out to build an innovative site that would let him interact with fans, social media, and present him as the individual personality he is.

Secondary challenges were the ability for Jason to update website content, videos, photos, blog entries, and news items on his own. Making the site look good on mobile phones, tablets, and large screens was very important. Lastly, Jason also had an e-commerce solution in place to sell Belmo Gear on the website.


The entire website was built remotely, without meeting Jason in person. This is a justification for just how successful our team can be, even when working remotely. We were able to have Skype conferences and phone calls to capture the specific style and requirements Jason was after. Our client project management tools we used were Sharepoint Online and Visual Studio Online. These allowed us to manage client documents, imagery, and tasks efficiently.

We identified that it was very important for fans to know where Jason was bowling currently and when his events would be on TV. To address this we built a custom Orchard CMS Twilio Messaging module. This allowed Jason to send text messages from his mobile phone to the website in order to update fans with his status in real time! These messages get translated into content on the homepage for fans to digest via a status update and a Google embedded map.

Secondly, to be able to see important videos and photos of Jason bowling were paramount. We also added a video on the homepage when users arrive in order to give them a look at his unique style. Orchard CMS allowed Jason to manage all of this media easily and post new blog posts for his fans to read. All of this media needs to be served around the world quickly because Jason has fans across the world. We utilized Windows Azure Content Delivery Network to make sure static media and video items were cached on servers throughout the Azure worldwide network.

Finally, a responsive design architecture allowed for ease of use on tablet and smartphones for users. Jason's fans interact with a variety of devices and we needed to be able to serve them content on a variety of screen sizes. Using an Orchard CMS Twitter Bootstrap custom theme allowed us to hit the ground running with a responsive template.


Jason is the world's #1 bowler and he embraces social media and technology as a way to reach his fans. His new website allows him to do this with richer content and media. He can now keep his website updated efficiently and check in with status updates wherever he is. The site's new design shows his unique personality and has a clean and sleek look that will surely separate him from the competition.

Jason Belmonte

Year: 2015

Technology: Orchard, Twitter Bootstrap, Windows Azure Websites, SQL Azure, Windows Azure CDN, Twilio Text Messaging

"Working with Arra and the team at Cloud Construct was an extremely easy and fast process. I don't have a lot of time between the traveling I do for my bowling career, competing and spending time with my family when I am home, so I was critical for me to build the website with everything I wanted in it easily and quickly. Cloud Constructed worked extremely well with implementing my ideas and incorporating their own ideas into my website. I am thrilled with the final result and now I can easily maintain and build such an important tool to grow my brand as an athlete. I highly recommend anyone needing some presence online to help grow and market their business or their brand use Cloud Construct."

- Jason Belmonte, Pro Bowler

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