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Candidate Connect

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Candidate Connect

Carney Sandoe is one of our longest standing partners at Cloud Construct, and we're excited to launch a brand new candidate experience for people looking for exciting new opportunities in the private school teaching industry.

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Some Background

Cloud Construct launched the Online Recruitment Management (ORM) tool last year with Carney Sandoe and it has been a huge success with schools looking to find qualified teaching candidates. Carney Sandoe relies heavily in their recruitment process approach, and has relied on us to build custom tools to support it. They are dedicated to finding the right opportunities for their candidates and connecting schools with passionate qualified applicants. Cloud Construct built ORM which is the tool teachers and administrators use to view candidates about two years ago. Since then we have worked closely with the Carney team to develop the candidate's experience in the job seeking process. We've jointly spent a lot of focus refining the ways candidates interact with the product and wanted to make it simple for candidates to apply and upload their materials so they could get into the job hunt quickly.

There hasn't been a week in the past four years that the Cloud Construct team and the Carney Sandoe team weren't in contact with each other. Our relationship is forged between a commitment on both sides to deliver a quality experience to both teachers and schools inside their proprietary online tool system. Cloud Construct resources are often onsite at the Carney Sandoe offices to triage any issues that arise as well discuss new ideas that should be explored.

The Challenge

Candidate Connect is one of these ideas intended to connect candidates to new and exciting opportunities. Candidates begin by filling out a simple application that onboards them into Carney Sandoe's system. Once that is complete, they begin processing updates to their profiles. This consists of adding resumes, previous work experience and schooling, as well as activities they may want to help out with at their new school. Candidates are incented to fully develop their profile, as the more information the Carney team has, the easier it is to place someone. The design allows for multiple dialogs and forms to easily capture detailed history about a candidate.

Behind the scenes, Carney Sandoe has an intricate system of managing documents and candidate files. Cloud Construct has been working with this system for some time now and was tasked with integrating a brand new front-end to improve overall efficiency. With this in mind, we built the components with a flexible architecture and the ability to interoperate with multiple backend systems. Lastly, the visual design and user experience needed to be easy for candidates to get referral information quickly and respond with any new materials a school requested.

The Result

The much anticipated application launched in May 2017. This new experience marks the retirement of a previous tool that had been around for close to ten years and needed updating. Candidates are greeted with a crisp mobile friendly design that allows to them respond to job searches from anywhere. The branding of Candidate Connect now matched the Online Recruitment Management tool as well as the public website which was a huge plus in giving candidates and schools a seamless experience. Finally, the simplicity of some of the most mundane tasks like rating job opportunities and adding new work experiences was made easy by new controls and formats introduced by the Cloud Construct team. Candidate conversion rates and school satisfaction have increased with the launch of this new tooling and Carney Sandoe is on the path to reducing technical debt and consolidating many of their systems into a single experience for their team and clients.

Candidate Connect


Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL, ASP.NET MVC, Durandal.js, Breeze.js, C#, .NET Web API, SignalR, 4D High Performance Database and ODBC Suite

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