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UI/UX design and dev, CMS integration, Technical Consulting
The JustMap Foundation (JMF) provides a valuable service for charitable donors to identify non-profits and social justice initiatives aligned with their values and social goals. Using a detailed mapping tool, JMF enables donors to make informed decisions about which non-profits to support and link those that may serve a common mission, yet compete for the same funding. JMF approached Cloud Construct with a need for a new robust landing page and the ability to have their in-house team maintain and edit the website.


JMF was looking for a partner to help elevate their brand and enhance the experience for users while on their website. It was important to create a landing page that would establish their online presence and increase traffic. The design also needed to be user friendly and easy to navigate for potential charitable donors while searching for initiatives to contribute to. The team at Cloud answered the call by collaborating with JMF to understand the requirements and goals for the new site. Our experts researched and demonstrated the technical approach to help the JMF understand how to build their product and provided an accurate estimation of the multi-year endeavor to help forecast and budget the initiative. Once the details were finalized, the Cloud team developed multiple compositions leveraging the JMF logo to improve the branding and create an enhanced website with a modern look and feel.

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Mapping Opportunities for Positive Social Change
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“Working with an organization that is dedicated to social justice causes has been inspiring and rewarding for the Cloud Construct team. We are honored to help JustMap Foundation with their mission.”
— Brooke Yu, Director of Operations, Cloud Construct


As JMF evolves, their website must be able to evolve as well. Cloud set them up for success by building the website on an Orchard Core content management system (CMS). This CMS allows the JMF staff the ability to easily modify content, update imagery, and enhance their marketing strategy as the foundation and user base grows. The Microsoft-backed CMS provides a scalable solution for JMF that will eventually support hosting over 30 interactive maps showing related initiatives and non-profits working separately for common causes.


Using our time-tested and trusted approach and methodology, Cloud successfully developed a user-friendly site for JMF so their users can easily identify different calls to action for social justice initiatives. The website was also designed to be fully functional on tablets and mobile phones. This allows charitable donors more freedom to review their prospects wherever and whenever they please. Using Azure technology and the Orchard Core CMS, JMF has the ability to scale their online presence and content as the foundation evolves to help those in need and create a better world.

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