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The team at Labor Boss had a vision for streamlining project management and record keeping for labor union job assignments related to large events, trade shows, and conferences. The existing processes were fragmented, manual, and time consuming, so the Chicago-based company turned to the experts at Cloud Construct to bring this vision to life. Cloud built a solution that organizes multiple unions responsible for setting up, maintaining, and breaking down large scale events. The new tech also allows for efficient scheduling as event timelines unfold and the ability for union stewards and administrators to push and receive notifications related to an individual's time on-onsite. These features tie directly to finance and HR functions and help to relieve unnecessary administrative burden and smooth the process of securing and executing event labor contracts.


One of the main innovative features of the Labor Boss application is to eliminate the idea of the "punch clock" but still have accurate timekeeping for union workers. Using Ionic Framework with HTML/CSS our team built a user-friendly application for iOS and Android that employees across all unions can use to record their hours for a particular job assignment. Leveraging Google Maps Shapes, the app was developed to recognize the employee's proximity to the assigned job location and allow clocking in and automatic check out. Union admins and stewards have the ability to view, update, and assign jobs for events on the Labor Boss platform, and depending on a worker's particular job function within their union, they are able to monitor and track their current and upcoming jobs and better prepare. Union leadership can view all the assignments within their respective union and ensure the appropriate coverage and resources are provided and planned for a job.

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Setup Shows with Budget Constraints to Manage Each Team Member
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Simplified Admin User Interface for Complex Rule Sets
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Custom Position Parameters, Customizable Reporting
"When we approached Cloud Construct with our vision, they provided clear guidance and strategies to help us work towards our goals. They sought to understand our objectives and worked with us to align them with our outcomes, uncovering all the nuances that we may not have thought of and helping us navigate all the fine details. The support and service we received from teaming up with Cloud Construct as well as the strategies they helped us implement were invaluable, and we look forward to continuing our partnership."
— Charlie Nicosia, Owner, Labor Boss


The Labor Boss application was also designed for administrative employees to help streamline payroll, HR, and budgetary functions. Labor unions follow strict payroll coding and policies based on many variables related to the employee and type of work. Cloud Construct built the Labor Boss admin app using React libraries which allow for highly customizable inputs and components and the app automatically accounts for such variables when processing payroll and financial transactions. Administrative users are also able to maintain project budgets, to ensure they are within agreed contract amounts, and complete HR responsibilities related to a particular worker and their entries. The administrative and leadership team can directly communicate with their workers via the app for any issues or notifications pertaining to job assignments.


The expert team at Cloud Construct built Labor Boss an automated, user-friendly, and customizable solution to manage labor union work for large scale events. Differentiating layers within the application based on job function for leaders, administrators and workers help labor boss stand out with a brand-new technology to support their clients. The Labor Boss administrative platform and mobile app position the company to grow with ease, better serving customers by making event labor booking and time-tracking a much more manageable endeavor than ever before. Download the app today!

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