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Mended Little Hearts Boston

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Mended Little Hearts Boston

Mended Little Hearts of Boston (MLH) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that provides help and support to children with congenital heart defects as well as their families. MLH empowers these families through services, resources, education and awareness. When Cloud Construct learned of the organization we knew we wanted to offer them a website redesign that would allow them to easily maintain and update their content to convey the important work they do. Our team came together in 2017 to design and deliver an updated and engaging online experience as part of the Charitable Cloud program.

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MLH felt their current site was out of date and cumbersome, with useful information buried deep in the site. They knew it was important to call out areas such as events, resources, social support and especially highlight a call to action for donations. While MLH is focused on helping and providing support, donations are critical to their continued operation and we knew it would be important to help them balance these needs. MLH felt their current site was difficult to update with the templates at their disposal. The new site needed a user-friendly interface with the ability to update content easily. We also knew it was important for the site to be mobile and tablet friendly.


Cloud Construct created an optimized sitemap that reorganized the important content that had organically developed over the years for MLH. We made sure the homepage and navigation were clear and included the critical call out areas both for families looking for support and those looking to help. MLH is very active on social media and we wanted to make sure visitors were prompted to visit their Facebook page to participate in the community. Visual design selected treatments and colors to support the overarching brand and provide a unique look and feel to the Boston chapter. The images were selected to help tell the MLH story and present a feeling of compassion and devotion to families as well as inspire volunteers and donations. The design was responsive in order to perform well across desktop, mobile and tablet form factors. Cloud selected Orchard Core for their Content Management System (CMS) because of it's easy to use interface - making it accessible to non-developers and non-engineers to make updates to the site. The CMS is constantly evolving with new features and provides a solid and secure platform for the MLH team. As MLH continues to grow their digital experience will be able to grow with them.

Mended Little Hearts Boston


Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure, C#, Orchard Core CMS, Azure BLOB Storage

"MLH Boston reached out to Cloud Construct to perform a website redesign to really help drive our organization's growth and allow us to help even more families affected by Congenital Heart Disease. Being a relatively newer organization, we were completely grateful and happy to find out that Cloud Construct not only does Web Development, but they actively give back to the community through their Charity@Cloud Program. We really leaned on Cloud Construct to help create our vision, and they completely overdelivered throughout all phases of the project. We are very happy with our new site, and have already received messages from many CHD families commenting on the beautiful design and streamlined functionality. We know the launch of the website is going to have a major impact on thousands of families facing a Congenital Heart Disease Diagnosis."

- Bart Jones, Lead Coordinator

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